We are passionate about our work and committed to developing our society

We find the best solutions together - this applies both to us and to you - and to the interaction between you and your citizens/customers.

We are a research and competence center that supplies software and methods for the development of organizational cohesion.

Joint Action was founded in 2014 and is a dynamic company that combines software and consulting solutions designed to promote coherent solutions and develop organizational cohesion, both internally within and across organizations.

In 2017, we developed the theoretical concept "relational capacity", and have since contributed with a number of books and articles on topics such as relational capacity, relational management, strategic management and psychological security. The following year, we launched the first version of our analysis platform, Joint Action Analytics. We are constantly developing our software so that it is adapted to the needs of our business partners. As part of our overall delivery, we have also developed our support and advice module, Joint Action Learning, as well as the Joint Action Community, where we provide for the exchange of experience across organisations.

The relational key figures that we get with our IT platform function as organizational indicators that give management a clear picture of the organisation's ability for interdisciplinary collaboration. We believe that an overview creates the basis for targeted efforts, and that concrete solutions must be found in the individual relationship. Challenges cannot be solved until you know where to invest and what is at stake. Through our analyses, we integrate interdisciplinary collaboration and management at all levels, and create a coordinated direction through productive relationships.

"It is a very exciting challenge for me to lead a small growth company. In recent years, we have had a reasonable development, we have adapted to the changing needs and trends of the market, and we have managed to set new standards within our industry.

In contrast to many consulting firms, which primarily provide advice to their clients, we differentiate by having developed a unique IT platform, and methods that effectively build your capacity to develop organizational cohesion – even when we are not physically present.

Our work spans various sectors, and we collaborate today with around 60 organizations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the US. Our mission is to activate the latent collaborative potential that exists in all organizations. We do this by identifying and highlighting collaboration challenges, both within and across departments and disciplines, with a view to strengthening collaboration.”

Ole Dalvang

Administrerende direktør

Ole Dalvang


Our vision

To be internationally leading experts to ensure coherent efforts in relation to the most difficult and expensive welfare challenges we face today and in the future.

Our goal

To contribute to creating the conditions for the citizen groups that have the biggest challenges to get the best possible solutions through a focus on coherent management, efforts and solutions in public organisations.

Our values


The goal of all our work is to create conditions for positive effects for citizens with coordination needs.


A strong expertise is the basis of all our processes, and stems from many years of experience both with research and development work in complex organisations.


We are committed to our work and passionate about developing our society even more.


We find the best solutions together - this applies both to us and to the interaction between the public and citizens.

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