Sharing of experience across organisations

Organizations often face a large overlap of challenges in relation to complex and interdisciplinary tasks. Our ambition is therefore to create connections between our partners so that they can learn from each other's experiences.

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The three primary elements


We invite to an annual conference, where we gather all of you who work with the development of relational capacity and those who are curious about this. There are presentations from customers and external experts.


We invite to various webinars and other events. Some are only for our customers - others are available to everyone. The content is updates, results from research and stories from customers. Webinars are typically in Danish or Norwegian.

1-1 exchange of experience

We ensure that our customers can share experiences across organisations. Many exciting development activities take place in the various locations, and the aim is that you can inspire each other - and share experiences.


As part of our commitment to continuous learning and development, we offer the opportunity to participate in an annual conference about relational capacity. We focus on the role of management and the work with change processes, and offer a unique arena to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices.

We encourage our partners to actively participate, where they present their work on developing relational capacity. This provides a great opportunity to share insights, celebrate successes and learn from others.

We believe in creating strong partnerships and communities to strengthen organizations, and this conference is a key element of that. Become part of a dynamic and inspiring collection of leaders and experts.

Konference om ledelse af relationel kapacitet 4. og 5. september 2024

Sammenhængende ledelse, indsatser og løsninger – omkring komplekse velfærdsudfordringer. Onsdag 4. og torsdag 5. september 2024 byder vi velkommen til den anden konference om ledelse af relationel kapacitet.

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4. og 5. september 2024

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We invite to webinars where you can interact with other users of Joint Action Analytics. These webinars provide a rich opportunity to learn, share and grow with like-minded leaders and organizations.

We keep up to date with the latest knowledge and research in the field. We continuously share these insights in our webinars, so you can always stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices.

The focus of the webinars varies to cover a wide spectrum of relevant topics. It can be anything from psychological safety and strategic management to practical case studies and much more. Our aim is to give you the skills and knowledge you need to strengthen the relational capacity in your organisation.

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1-1 exchange of experience

Most of our partners are municipalities, and although the individual municipality has a focus on developing its own organizational cohesion, they express a need to exchange experiences with other municipalities.

We want our customers to find others who they can inspire - and be inspired by. Exchange experiences - what have we done, what have we learned and what good solutions have we found.

"With Joint Action Community, we have created an arena where our customers can meet and share experiences, insights and good solutions.

None of the organizations I work with are the same. There are different sizes, economic conditions, framework conditions, structures, etc. At the same time, there are many recurring challenges in relation to the complex and interdisciplinary tasks. The tasks are becoming more complex and complex - and in the municipalities we see that resources are becoming fewer, while at the same time the tasks and expectations are increasing. There is a scarcity of resources, people and finances. In other words, new solutions are needed when the old and known methods do not work.

What inspires me in my everyday life is to see how the individual municipality uses our IT platform and methodology to find new practices and thereby strengthen the quality and efficiency of its work - and that I can use this to inspire my other partners. "

Scott Sjøstrøm