A term for advisory services from Joint Action

We offer consultancy services for the development of your organizational cohesion. We work with strategic management, management groups and selected employees from your organisation. We are leading experts in the field and know what it takes to increase your ability to solve complex challenges together.

A man giving a presentation to a group of people.

We work at different levels in your organization

Strategic management

The strategic management sets the framework and direction for the work. We support the strategic work with sparring and advice.

Leadership group

Through teaching, advice and sparring, we support the managers' work to ensure coherence and completeness in the task solution.

Resource group

We train some of your employees in how to carry out surveys, analyzes and development processes, so that you gain skills to ensure that there is progress - even when we are not there.


Employees who are closest to citizens and customers are involved in surveys and development processes – including pointing out strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Strategic management

The strategic management plays a decisive role in securing the foundation for coherence and completeness in the task solution. That is why we always have a close collaboration with the strategic management.

In our work, we always start from your situation - your challenges and your strategy. Based on this, we jointly develop a progress plan that must ensure a common understanding of the effects you want to achieve.

Our starting point is that all organizations are unique, and therefore our advice is adapted to your specific needs and situation.

Leadership group

Your managers play an absolutely central role in ensuring coherence and integrity. They are very important players in order to ensure good solutions for your citizens and customers.

Middle managers must both lead their own unit - and at the same time and together with others - ensure good solutions for your citizens and customers together.

We therefore collaborate with managers in your organization. With a focus on teaching, advice and sparring, we support the managers' work to ensure coherence and integrity across the organisation.

Resource group

An important part of our work is to build an internal capacity in your organization. Therefore, we are establishing a resource group consisting of some of your employees (2-5 people). This typically consists of internal specialist consultants, interdisciplinary consultants etc.

The resource group receives thorough training in how to prepare and carry out surveys, analyzes and development processes - and they become an important part of our collaboration.

They help to ensure that the IT platform, data and development processes are organized so that they cover your organization's needs.

We contribute to ensuring that you always have the necessary skills to use our IT platform and methods optimally, and we make sure to train new people for the resource group if necessary.

A man giving a presentation to a group of people.


The employees are important for finding good solutions together with and for your citizens and customers. It is in the meeting with the citizen and the customer that co-creation takes place. And this is where we need to understand what promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and what hinders it. What are the actual challenges that we have to work with?

We therefore involve the employees in the work, so that we can elicit their experience of the interdisciplinary collaboration and their assessment of relational capacity, relational leadership and psychological safety. And therefore they must also be involved in the work of pointing out good experiences, challenges and possible solutions.

We work through the management chain with you, and it is the individual manager who is responsible for involving, informing and focusing on organizational cohesion among his employees . The more managers who take on this task, the stronger your relational capacity will be.

Our aim is that this should take place all the time - even when we are not present.

We like to attend employee meetings to inform and inspire. This contributes to them being prepared for what their role is and how they can contribute.

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"I am happy to be part of the work on developing relational capacity and organizational cohesion in Danish municipalities. In our work, we build close ties with the strategic management and the management groups we work with. It is enormously inspiring for me, and essential for us to contribute to organizational development. With the relational data we collect, we can be precise in our advice, and it is exciting to participate in processes where we can concretely see that we create effects, and make a difference for the citizens who need cooperation across."

Jonas Poulsen

Strategic consultant